First Year of Entrepreneurship and Freelancing

It has been almost one and a half years since I quit my full-time job. Let’s reflect. Founding a bootstrapped startup. A friend and I have founded a company that helps merchants to save money on Google Shopping ads. There were good learnings in there. Sales In the beginning, I was completely lost, as I have never done something like that before. Thanks to corporate specialisation. Fortunately, I came across an early version of the Sales For Founders course by Louis Nicholls.
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Life questions about being an engineering employee

This is a more personal post that will act as a diary entry. I will return to it in some years and compare what I know now with what I will have learnt. Having worked for several years in companies of different sizes, there were important life questions about financial growth and security in the long-term. Eventually this lead to me exploring new paths of entrepreneurship and freelancing.
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